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When Tine Claeys and Marc Verstraete first saw Château Castigno, they instantly felt that something very special had just begun. After exploring the world, they had discovered one of the best kept secrets, hidden in the South of France. They took over the historic estate and its vineyard, to restore it and give it back its former glory.

The time spent in Castigno has made them cherish this place with love. The inspiration that has guided the natural environment of this picturesque and authentic site of the Midi has developed a desire to share with friends, family and visitors.

That's when the idea of a Hybrid Organic Wine Village arose. This concept allows guests to disconnect, enjoy the serenity of the Castigno Village and confide in caring hands to rest and rejuvenate.

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The first stages were devoted to the vineyard, located on the foothills of the Montagne Noire, through its reshaping in a spirit of integration in the Mediterranean environment and its mild climate.
Tine and Marc work closely with Michel Tardieu and Philippe Cambie, experts recognized as two of the greatest oenologists of today, to create the range of organic wines "Château Castigno".

Tine and Marc are involved in a wine tourism project - the rebirth of a village - based on the comfort of a simple life at a slow pace that we share with those we love.

For the renovation of the Maison des Vendangeurs and the Maison de Vigneron in the village of Assignan, the architectural blueprint were individually designed combining the aspects of a lifestyle of the past and the design of the moment.
The philosophy of a simple life perfectly matches the sophistication of the Château; as evidenced by its amazing renovation, which has preserved a historic heritage dating back to Roman times. Everything here is impregnated with this idea.

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Behind the idea of “Village Castigno” comes the inspiration of “slow tourism”, an antidote to modern life allowing visitors to reconnect with the pleasure of eating well, drinking well and living well, sharing moments with family or friends. A boon for a digital detox.

Castigno is committed to sustainable development by offering a beautiful range of organic wines and cuisine inspired by the excellent regional products.

Taste the gourmet delights of La Table, and barbecued meals of La Petite Table, the exotic cuisine of the restaurant Le Thaï and try the rustic and tranquil cuisine of the Nomade Kitchen, where you can share a nice table in the shade of the oak trees.

Tine and Marc want authenticity; a comfortable setting with a reflection on well-being, and warm facilities that allow a symbiosis with nature in its purest form: that of the Mediterranean scrubland.

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An adventure in itself: the "slow cooking" experience inspired by the Gauchos' outdoor cooking: listen to the birds singing and the rustling of the vine leaves, smell the embers and the grilled meat and watch the fire, surrounded by friends.

Many experiences are proposed to you: a tasting of our range of organic wines, the relaxation at the edge of the swimming pool, to read in our gardens, the exploration of the medieval villages of Haut Languedoc, the bike rides or the carriage rides, the visit of oyster production at the Etang de Thau and the discovery of Languedoc landscapes by helicopter.

Castigno invites you to discover its most original cellar of France (according to the Midi Libre Newspaper) in the form of a bottle of wine seen from the sky and entirely covered with cork.

We are happy to share these experiences with you and we look forward to welcoming you to the Castigno Village, one of the best kept secrets in the South of France.